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Borg is the second son of Xorg, the renowned lord of Arain and great military commander of the Wars of Arin. Moreso than any of his six brothers, it was Borg who followed his father's path, dedicating his life to the study of military strategy. When he was still very young, he was chosen as general of the army of Arain, while his elder brother Zorg was chosen to what was, at that time, the more prominent position of admiral of the city's navy. The two had a friendly rivalry that would later turn somewhat bitter.

Borg, like all his brothers, was an adventurer in his youth. He often journeyed with Dorin, son of King Thorin Orchammer of the Dwarves of the Thair Mountains. Along with their respective brothers, Zorg and Thorin, they traveled across Ardrana and had many adventures about which the bards are still writing. The greatest of these was the final defeat of Keraptis, in which Borg played no small role.

Following the death of his father and, later, the destruction of Arain by the Onyx Empire, Borg and his people moved to the city of Braith, deep within the Thair Mountains. Since the Wars of Arin were still raging, and the people had seen their homes destroyed both in Arain and in Rinogor before that, it was decided that the military would rule the city until such time as the people were safe. Since Braith had no river, Zorg's admiralty was considered unnecessary, and Borg was chosen as lord. To this day, this has caused something of a bitter division between the two brothers, to the point that some of the citizens have taken up the standard of Morg, Xorg's seventh son, as a kind of prophet. While this troubles Borg, he carries on in his job of defending his people, a task in which he is ably assisted by his aide, Derek.

Borg was a PC played by Kevin Clark who is now an NPC.