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Gandriel is an Elven wizard originally from Flohrilynn Forest. Although her current whereabouts are unknown, she is (or perhaps was) the last survivor of the fall of the Purple Castle. She was responsible for saving what material exists from its library, which she used to help found the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge.

Little is known of Gandriel before her arrival at the Purple Castle shortly before its destruction. According to legend, she was the only student who was actually within the castle walls to escape, bringing eight books with her, the contents of which formed the eight schools of magic currently taught at Jar-Kahn. She founded the school along with two other refugees from the Purple Castle: Arphineas Moontamer and Kalzac Verdimont el Marant.

After spending nearly a century as a teacher and administrator, Gandriel grew restless, eventually returning to a life of adventuring. During her adventures, she traveled across many of the known planes of existence. An accident caused her skin to turn jet black, which has often caused her to be mistaken for a Drow. She has kept her appearance this way, as it often allows her to have privacy. One person she met on her travels, and whom she brought back to Ardrana, was Robert Scorpio, who went on to join, and eventually lead, the Dewelars.

During the Wars of Arin, she often counseled the White Alliance in their fight against her old enemies, Keraptis and Morjec. Over the decades since their conclusion, there have been reports that she still roams the planes, occasionally being spotted at one Red Dragon Inn or another, where she is known simply as "The Lady" (although there are others who are also called this, adding to the confusion).

Gandriel was a PC played by Kris Kowalczyk, now an NPC.