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Jerome is a Human fighter, originally from Semmarch. He was a member of the White Army before turning and becoming a spy for Morjec. He has since become notorious for his mastery of disguise and ability to insinuate himself into society without detection in order to perform his missions.

Seeds planted

Jerome served for several years in the White Army at the Semmarch Keep, and seemed to be in line for promotion to Castellan, a post that also served as captain of the garrison based there. However, he was passed over in favor of Kent Mydland, which caused him to become bitter. At some point, he was approached by agents of Arin with a plan to depose Kent, and he threw in his lot with them.

First effort

The plan itself seemed to be going well, and Jerome briefly gained his promotion to Castellan when Kent was arrested. However, army members loyal to Kent, led by Beatrice and Otillis, uncovered the plot. Jerome tried to shift blame onto Caltiera, then the Sergeant of the Watch, but eventually was forced to flee the city.

"Lord Ejemor"

Jerome, knowing that Beatrice was a determined opponent, attempted to lure her into a trap by kidnapping her friend, Al Sha'in. Posing as "Lord Ejemor", he seized power in the town of Altam, and created a gate to the Astral Plane. He built a stronghold there with the aid of the githyanki, imprisoning the priestess there. However, Beatrice and her companions were able to rescue her and again force Jerome to flee.


More recently, Jerome came to the city of Cardyl in the guise of a merchant named Everitt. There, he became acquainted with the pirate captain Redbeard, joining his crew and eventually being appointed command of one of the ships he seized. He later used this ship to raid the village of Queral in order to acquire a valuable scroll. Angry at the flouting of his command, Redbeard sent him to Gascar, where he plied his trade as a glassblower. Eventually, he was found out, and returned to the Island of the Skull. There, his true nature was revealed by Sheik Amar, and he disappeared again.