Rarth Ilinix

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Rarth Ilinix is a powerful illusionist, one of the most powerful associates of the wizard-king Keraptis during the Wars of Arin. Originally from Ahg'are, Ilinix was one of the few to escape the destruction of the Purple Castle centuries ago, and over the years has found ways to prolong his life far beyond the normal allotment of humankind.

During the Wars of Arin, Ilinix was captured by the Dwarves of Braith, but as he was in disguise his true identity was unknown, though it was known that he was a powerful mage. During his imprisonment, he learned that Black Razor had been recovered by Zorg, and he began to hatch a plot to steal it. He told King Thorin Archer that he knew of a plot to murder him, which would be carried out at an upcoming archery tournament sponsored by the White Council in an attempt to foment peace. Delgon, one of Keraptis' generals and a mighty archer himself, was to turn on Thorin during the tournament. Thorin, ever suspicious, instead turned on Delgon and slew him. This angered Lukus the Blue, who threatened to undo the alliance between the people of Kellan and the Dwarves, and Thorin could not abide this. He went back to Ilinix and offered to barter his freedom in exchange for granting a wish to undo what had been done. Ilinix agreed, and he was freed.

Ilinix's plans were nearly foiled, however, when Black Razor was returned by Zorg to its supposedly rightful owner, a weapons collector named Sunder. However, after several years, it was stolen again by an outlaw drow named Inzilagor. Ilinix posed as a time traveler named "The Doctor". He nearly lost the sword again when it was stolen by The Master, but shortly after its retrieval he ambushed its guardians and made off with it. It was later taken from him in turn by a githyanki raiding party before he could make much use of it.

Ilinix's current whereabouts are unknown. It is said that he is in hiding somewhere, waiting to make another attempt at gaining power, whether through Black Razor or some other means. Some say he is supporting his old ally, Morjec, or even that he was one of the forces that was swept out of Jar-Kahn when Jhessail removed nearly the entire Magicians' Council. None of these rumors has been confirmed.