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Klaven is a Dwarven fighter from the Thair Mountains. He is the younger brother of Blaven, but was the first to set out on his own. He traveled to Semmarch several years ago where he met up with an adventuring party with whom he has been friends now for several years, especially with the fighter Bastor. He is a big-eating, big-drinking, fun-loving dwarf who often chants the Fighting Song of Thorin's Clan.

Along with the rest of his group, Klaven joined the White Army while in Semmarch, serving under the group's leader, Beatrice. Following the separation of Hanaellan from the White Alliance, they were reassigned to Hanmer. Together with the rest of his company, he spent some time investigating the reasons for that withdrawal, working undercover on building the Green Road.

After trying for months and finding out little of value, he finally decided to part ways from his companions and find other adventures. He did some work guarding travelers on the roads around Byngh for a while, eventually finding himself in the city of Agropthos, where he was reunited with his brother after several years.

Klaven is a PC played by Sydney Howard.