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Shirella is a Human witch originally from the town of Shudd. She currently serves as keeper of the library for Labeese, mayor of Promise Junction.

Early in her career, Shirella joined a coven led by the infamous witch Qualey, whose lair was in nearby Tanilon. The group gave refuge to a Dark Elf named Inzilagor, who was carrying Black Razor. However, the coven came under fire from a group of adventurers led by Lorg, and Shirella was the only member of the coven to turn against the Drow. For this, she was ejected from the group.

After this disgrace, Shirella fled south, all the way to Rannas i'Drasoin. She took up residence in the Kieryan Mountains, studying in solitude and occasionally providing potions for local villages. Eventually, though, she became homesick and returned to Arin. She made her way to Promise Junction, where she found a home among the other outcasts gathered there.