Tempest Tits-And-Ash

From Ardrana

Tempest Tits-And-Ash is an alu-fiend whose mother is a succubus and whose father was a Human paladin whom she corrupted. Tempest has done her best to conceal her true nature, calling herself "Tempest Planewalker". However, her mother, FaithDefiler Tits-And-Ash, has deigned to provide her with a reminder in the form of a fire mephit servant named Bobandorpholopolous.

Tempest lives in Sigil, and recently was recruited by Allegra Brownstoke to aid her quest to find a key hidden in the UnderWorld. Following the failure of that mission, she returned to Mentoncha, where she recently joined a mission to roust some pirates.

When that fell through, she accompanied Qi'ante to Nazivonema, where she wound up getting into a dispute with a pair of avariel. When that led to Rhone, the garath leading their combined party, nearly losing his status as a garath, she accompanied them on his journey of atonement.

Tempest was originally a PC played by Wendy Marques, now an NPC.