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Tilton is a half-Elven fighter originally from Semmarch, and a soldier of the White Army currently stationed in Vesqui. She is also an officer of the White Alliance courts, and an expert in the laws of Kellan and Idrellan.

Before joining the Army, she was part of an adventuring party led by Beauregard that explored an area around the city of Arek, and she often found herself at odds with her leader. The group was repeatedly attacked by orcs and other humanoids, and she was one of only two party members (Wurstler was the other) other than Beau to survive. The mission gained some infamy as "The Arek Massacre".

Upon their return, Tilton joined the Army, but she found herself being sent right back to Arin. Due to her experience in the area, she was again assigned to aid Beauregard, this time in reconnaissance against an orcish force in the city of Vanzeel southern Arin. A few years later, Semmarch left the White Alliance, and Tilton was reassigned to Vesqui.