Fiona Barthos

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Fiona Barthos is a Human noblewoman. She is the first-born of Earl Everett Barthos, a land-holder and very successful merchant living to the east of Hanmer.

Notable characteristics

Fiona is an extremely beautiful young woman. Her flaming red hair and obsession with the best quality atire makes her stand out in any crowd, despite her diminutive size.

Skills and capabilities

Most notably, Fiona is a practiced mage. She specializes in invocation, due to her preference for the flash, noise, and overall attention draw. In addition, her upbringing as the Earl's daughter developed some gentler skills rarely essential in an adventuring lifestyle.

Brief history

After a row with her father, Fiona fled the Barthos estates in an immature show of independence. She encountered a team of adventurers, including SpringRite and Mace Nighthammer. She traveled with the party for some time before being noticed by Leviticus Pallianor, who was out searching for new candidates for the Jar-Kahni School of Arcane Knowledge. She accepted an offer for education, and spent several months at Jar-Kahn. During this time her magical knowledge has grown. More importantly, she has begun to understand her place in life, and has matured greatly from the insolent and snobbish young woman that ran away.

Most recently, her old friend SpringRite appeared in Jar-Kahn with a number of companions seeking missing friends. Fiona was able to help them rescue their friends from the Tower of Necromancy, and left the city with them in order to atone for nearly killing them in the process. However, when things went sideways and the group began to break up, Fiona left to pursue further magical studies at the University Al Maneera in Rogariel.

Fiona was originally a PC played by Randy Hammer, and is now an NPC.