Idoya Esquivara

From Ardrana

Vizcondesa Idoya Esquivara is a Lastini noblewoman and priestess of Liyyera from the city of Mentoncha. As one of the higher-ranking clerics in the city, holder of a hereditary title (albeit a minor one), as well as a vocal supporter of the monarchy, she is greatly respected by the city's elite. However, recent events have sent tremors through her web of connections. First, her elder daughter and presumed successor, Ceradad, publicly disavowed her family's support of House os'Sarani, throwing in her lot with those who preferred to return to the old ways of their people and leaving the city to join the expatriate group in Kimelis. Then, when the burden of carrying the Esquivara family legacy shifted to Idoya's younger daughter, Oración, she also disappeared for parts unknown. The vizcondesa has done her best to keep the latter development under wraps while she attempts to contact her daughters, but suspicions continue to run rampant.