Oración Esquivara

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Oración Esquivara, or "Ora" as she is often known, is a Lastini senser originally from the city of Mentoncha. Born on the first day of Solinaya, 821 LC, she is the second daughter of the Vizcondesa Idoya, a high-ranking priestess in the main temple of Liyyera, and was raised among the city's nobility. However, she recently left the city due to events within her family.

Early life

Once Ora's talents were discovered by Princess Kisha, she was slated to study at the Psionic Institute. However, soon thereafter her elder sister, Ceradad, chose to cast aside her duty to Liyyera, denounce the Mentonchan monarchy, and go into exile in Kimelis, where an itinerant group of Lastini still practice the old ways of her people. Although Ora was still devoted to both, she had no desire to become a priestess, and thus fled the city, traveling south along the Calle de Tierrimar to Gascar.

Adventuring life

While in Gascar, she spent some time in the ruins of Senepoli, where she observed Gairevander and his team as they explored the area. Deciding they could help her, she followed them into town, and was eventually accepted into their group. During the ensuing journey, she had the opportunity to visit the temple of Liyyera in Mariscora, where she made her peace with her patroness and agreed to return home and do the same with her mother.

Events led Ora to the village of Queral, whose ruling Condesa, Rosalín as'Quanada, had gone missing. She vowed to try and locate her and restore her to her rightful place rather than allow Perida, her temporary replacement, to continue to rule. She did finally locate the noblewoman in the city of Daro, and after learning the circumstances of her situation, returned to Mariscora to testify on her behalf.

Oración Esquivara is a PC played by Penelope Romero.