Ceradad Esquivara

From Ardrana

Ceradad Esquivara is a Lastini from the city of Mentoncha who was studying to become a priestess of Liyyera. She is the elder daughter of Vizcondesa Idoya Esquivara, and as such was expected to take her place as her mother's successor, both of her title and her place at Liyyera's temple. This didn't sit too well with her, as she found a greater kinship with those who wished to retain her people's traditions from their homeland of Matria. She made this fact perfectly clear in an unexpected public display as she, her mother, and her younger sister Oración were leaving Liyyera's temple after a ceremony honoring Princess Conchita's Journey of Enlightenment. She promptly left the city to join the expatriate group who settled in Kimelis, and has neither been heard from since her departure nor left word as to her destination.