Inspiration's Height

From Ardrana

Inspiration's Height is the preeminent temple of Morelen, the Ardic god of leadership and the head of the entire pantheon. It is located in Morelenas, at the southern tip of Lanad i'Sarois, perched atop a rocky crag looking out over the Bay of Light. The time of its building is uncertain, but it is said to predate the city itself. The High Priest of the temple, also known as the Advisor of Leaders, is Anthony of Alvinia, brother of Lukus the Blue, who is president of the White Council.

This temple is the most opulent in all the Lanad, and perhaps matched only by the temple of Lathoris in the city of Drev on all Ardrana. It is decorated with soaring columns making up its facade, banners of nations all across Ardrana hung in its great hall, and paintings and tapestries of great leaders from Shoto to Morley Pallianor throughout its halls and rooms. The Height is also home to training facilities for holy warriors of all sort, especially paladins.