Wyndel al'Amar kaf'Daro

From Ardrana

Wyndel is a Human nobleman of the Cardillic Desert. His father, Amar, is the ruling Sheik of the city of Daro in the desert region of Cardyl. He is Amar's second son, although of a different mother than the first, and has an identical twin brother, Shadal, with whom he is very close. His mother was Nayala, the sister of Emir Rocan of Cardimer, who was executed after she was found in a compromising position with another man. He also has two other full siblings and five half-brothers and sisters in all.

Like his father, Wyndel was keenly interested in trade, and on one of his first ventures in that arena he came to the city of Gascar. He is also an adventurer of a roguish nature, and sought to join the group led by Tycho Chervil. Unfortunately, one of his family's ships ran aground north of the city, and he was forced to attend to it and leave the group before it began its first mission. He has since taken on the role of captain of the Tijara al'Amar, the flagship of Daro's trade fleet.

Wyndel is a PC played by Scott Ford.