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Cymbre is a Human warrior from a farm outside the village of Willowbridge in central Kellan.

Early life

In her youth, she quickly became bored of life on the farm. One fateful day, she was in the village market, where she met a barbarian from Odiferous who was traveling along the Old Gnome Road who called her "flimsy". Taking offense, she swore to herself that she would become a warrior.


When she came of age, she traveled to the town of Warshick, where she was able to join the academy of Arvidas, a prominent combat instructor. There, she learned the use of several different types of swords, focusing mostly on the sabre and the scimitar. From one of the other students, she learned of Jiberia, an exotic land far to the northwest, where her skills would be highly valued. She determined to someday visit that far-off land.

Adventuring career

After completing her early training, she decided to head to Hanmer, the largest city in the region. There, she met Dockley, a rogue who was preparing to travel to Gascar to join an adventuring party that was looking for members, and decided to join him. They met Tycho Chervil, the party leader, along with the two people who had already joined him, a priestess named Viensa and a mage named Seathan MacFerdy. After a couple of short adventures, the group was joined by a Dwarven fighter named Drax.

The group went on a mission into eastern Arin, but had a disastrous encounter with a cockatrice, resulting in several casualties. Cymbre departed for Hanmer with Seathan, intending to find help before departing for Jiberia. Instead, she met Hishiru, a weapons dealer from that very place, who told her that as an outsider, she would still need to prove herself before being accepted there. Without enough funds left to pay the help the party would need, she returned to Gascar to join Tycho on his latest mission.

Cymbre is a PC played by Korin Trytko.