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Viensa is a Lastini priestess of Palya from the town of Mentemar. As a girl, she loved music, but was not patient enough to learn the intricacies of playing an instrument, writing in the artistic style of calligraphy, or learning the steps of a dance. Instead, she began to write poetry and, eventually, musical compositions. She would often sit by the ocean with her composition book in hand, staring out at the water and writing.

When she began her between years, she knew that she would devote her life to helping others. She first studied to become a priestess of Liyyera, but soon returned to the sea, spending much of her time at Celore's Lighthouse writing and watching the ships come in. Fascinated by the tales she heard of life in other cities, she began to accept the teachings of Palya of the Golden Hair, mistress of healing. She began to write devotional songs to Palya, one of which was selected for use at her temple during la vialta, the ceremony blessing departing ships.

When she came of age about a year ago, she set out on a ship herself, bound for the city of Gascar. There, she met Tycho Chervil, son of a high-ranking military officer, who was recruiting for an adventuring group. She found that he, too, favored The Outlanders, and was considering studying to be a holy warrior in service to Shoto. Seeing this as destiny, she immediately joined him. Since she is new to dealing with non-Lastini, she wishes nothing more than to form bonds like she did with her former friends. However, since most non-Lastini are not telepathic, she has taken to voicing all her thoughts to the point that she now does so almost subconsciously. She is still working on the balance of what to reveal and what not to reveal, as well as what does and does not need to be shared.