Mirdael's Motivation

From Ardrana

This adventure found Beatrice and her friends recruited by Trave, who had recently joined the Assassins in the Service of Good, to discover the true reason why Duke Mirdael had withdrawn from the White Alliance.

The group began in Hanmer, where they were met by their old friend Trave. Outside the city, they were met by Talen, one of her two ASG partners, with the other set to meet them in Byngh. They made their way to Nazivonema, where they sought to gather information. There, they were joined by Yammin, a merchant who had left Semmarch due to the harsh taxes imposed by the Duke. They were also joined by a pair of White Army guardsmen, Scarmeldan and Diomandis who wanted to aid in the cause of liberating the city.

They set out for Byngh, and along the road, the group was attacked by hill giants, where Diomandis was killed by a boulder. They bypassed Semmarch itself, but stopped off in Seldann Wood, where they were joined by Rodney.

Once in Byngh, Sarina was able to get a job working as a waitress at YellowScape Tavern, an establishment frequented by the Duke's men, and Bastor and Klaven got jobs working at building a road to allow the army to travel between Byngh and Semmarch more easily. This mission is something of an ongoing one, with little progress thus far.

Cast of characters

The following characters were involved in this adventure at one time or another: