Branching Out

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This adventure began in the village of Promise Junction, where the group of adventurers led by Bramus and Toshiro were tasked with investigating several situations around the area. The first item on the docket were checking a cave near Lake Shen, where the gnolls who live nearby had reported humanoids exiting and attacking them. This took precedence while the group awaited word from Floyk regarding the next merchant group bound for the village, which would need protection from the Gar-bears orcs which had been raiding along the main road.

The cave expedition

Having deciding their course of action, after lunch Toshiro led part of the group out to the hillside, where they set up a campsite a short distance from the cave entrance. Brozhin scouted the area while Emi and Makoto searched for the body after checking in with Tula, the swanmay guardian of the area. After finding it, none of those present could identify the creature, other than noting that it had similarities to both lizard men and troglodytes. Rin then drew a picture of the body, and after Siege cut off a piece of its tail for examination Emi returned with it to the Red Dragon Inn to see what else could be learned.

While the others were away, Bramus, Klaven, and Solidus went out on patrol of the village, inviting Chalcedony and Ishmakha to accompany them. They first went to the General Store, where they asked Drusank about the lack of caravans. He mentioned that there had been one or two that had come from the north, but nothing from the west in over two weeks. After that, the group visited the proposed site of the combined temple of Varice and Heironeous, then the area around the temple of Gruumsh and the ruined one of Perasin.

After Emi's arrival, the group discussed the dead creature from the lakeside. While reviewing the picture and tail piece, Yejoz identified the creature as a tren, a mixed-breed humanoid created by mad wizards. Facing the unknown, Klaven asked if Eckhorn could join the expedition the next day, but Cellani objected to losing both him and Alvin from her kitchen staff. Everyone turned in for the night, awaiting final decisions in the morning.

That night out by the lake, the group experienced a flyover by a winged owlbear. Later, during Toshiro's watch, he witnessed a humanoid dragging something out of the cave. Before the changeover to Rin's watch, he cast wailing wind to warn of any further exits. Rin went down to investigate what had been left, finding the corpse of yet another unknown creature. As she returned to camp, though, the wail sounded, three tren emerged from the cave, and battle was joined. More tren entered the fray, but the party defeated them before Makoto could return with Tula's aid. The group decamped and accompanied the swanmay back to her domicile, where they spent the rest of the night outside.

The remaining group members at the inn gathered. They were introduced to Josephine, the new member of the kitchen staff, which meant that both Eckhorn and Alvin could accompany them to the cave. The Karis mage Mazhik also joined them and, after a final discussion with Bramus, they set off to join their comrades.

Back at Lake Shen, Tula asked for aid in burying the bodies of the tren. They also re-examined the other dead creature, which Brozhin said looked familiar, although he did not know its name. As they went about that task, Rin sought an omen, which, after healing Siege, she told him warned of chaos and evil to come on this day.

Meanwhile, Rodney and Tara arrived, seeking the bear cub being tended by Tula, just as the rest of the group came up the path to the swanmay's cabin. Tara was introduced to the group, but she recognized Nyla as once being a "concubine" of her friend Turgan. Nyla objected to the moniker, and the two had a staredown before the druid departed with Tula.

After dispensing with the remaining corpses, everyone prepared to enter the cave...

Cast of characters

This adventure is currently being run by Shelley Proulx. Below is a list of characters who have been involved at one point or another:

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